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I have 'owned' a camera of some kind for most of my adult life, using them during holidays, family gatherings and other such occasions.

Moving to the Highlands of Scotland in late 2007 inspired me take photography a little more seriously and to look for better quality 'snapshots' of the beauty surrounding me in this magnificent part of the world.

In 2008 I purchased my first DSLR camera to begin my 'new' hobby at the foot of a steep learning curve! I have read many web articles, blogs and tutorials; I have bought books, magazines and even read the user manual (!) and now feel I have a reasonable grasp of a lot of the technical 'stuff'.

I have invested in more lenses and all sorts of accessories, gadgets and gizmos as a result of my research and now feel ready to start to become a photographer! I have also undertaken a photography course (I recommend this to everyone who wishes to improve their photography skills) and feel that seeing how others aproach subjects and receiving feedback (critique) on your own work really helps you to think more clearly (and for longer) when behind the camera.

With a bit of luck my photographs should begin to improve as this website evolves... watch this space!

Iain MacDiarmid

November 2010